Juice Cleanse Myths

I will be hungry.

Your cleanse will include five 16oz bottles of juice and one 16 oz bottle of cashew milk to drink each day of your cleanse. That is 96oz of nutrient dense deliciousness that will keep your hunger away. The cashew milk is filling and great to sip on any time you feel hungry throughout the day. In addition, you are encouraged to drink a gallon of water during your cleanse. While you may 'think' you are hungry and have cravings, stop and ask yourself 'Am I hungry? Or reaching into the pantry out of habit?' Chances are, you'll have some self discovery and realize you aren't hungry but thirsty or bored.

It will not taste good.

You will have four different cleanse options to chose from all with a variety of ingredients. It is very helpful to take the survey to determine which cleanse is best for you. You can also read reviews for each juice from actual Squeezed customers. Once you complete your cleanse make sure to rate your juices as the feedback helps to make new recipes and flavors.

I will be in the bathroom the entire time.

Yes and no. You will be in the bathroom quite often to urinate as you will be consuming only liquids and quite a lot of them. A juice cleanse will flood your body with nutrients, vitamins, and all around good stuff. It is not a laxative and does not contain ingredients to encourage bowel movements. It will cleanse your palette of craving sugary, fried, and salty foods. It will also cleanse your mind of unwanted eating habits. Explosive diarrhea and excessive bowel movements are not part of this juice cleanse.

I won't be able to workout during the cleanse.

More times than not you will have MORE energy during a cleanse than when you are eating solid food. Your body is not using energy to digest food, you are not eating yourself into a 'food coma,' and you will be sleeping great! Why not use the energy for a good sweat session? Or, you can keep it light with a walk outside or some yoga. The cleanse is more enjoyable when you get moving, and staying busy helps with any temptations you may have during your cleanse.

I'm nervous I can't do it.

Nerves are normal and mean you care about your success! Is a cleanse challenging? Yes, it can be. No challenge, no change. If you are wanting to crave healthier foods, kick bad cravings and start successful habits the cleanse will challenge your mind and change your body. Squeezed Society is a private Facebook group that will help keep you motivated and accountable during your cleanse. You can do it! A cleanse is all about mind over matter.

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What can I eat? Can I eat a salad with minimal fat free dressing?

Greg 2020-05-25 14:58:03

Can you use this product if you are a smoker

Wondering 2020-08-23 17:53:19

Hello, I am a 2nd time customer. The first time, I did a 7-Day Cleanse and had explosive diarrhea on the first day, with frequent but less awful trips to the bathroom the following days until it died down. This second time, I am having explosive diarrhea all day for the 2 days I've done so far on my 4-Day Cleanse, which unlike last time, gave me identical drinks 1-5 for all 4 days (while 7-Day had different drinks each day until the 5th). Please provide suggestions on how to avoid this from happening.

Person A 2020-10-14 02:27:42

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