6 Tips to Help You Drink Water

It is important you drink at least a gallon of water, the equivalent of 128 ounces, per day during your juice cleanse. If this seems overwhelming and impossible, here are some tips that can help:

1. Drink 16oz of water as soon as you wake up. It helps to have this water already sitting on your bathroom counter to drink as you get ready for the day. You're swapping your morning coffee for water, your body will thank you. 

2. Measure and pack your water the night before. If you know you will be in a hurry in the morning, or you don't want to forget your water, pack it in an easy to grab bag the night before. It can save extra time if you add your juice to the bag as well, just grab and go!

3. Make infused water. This will not ruin your cleanse as long as you don't eat the fruit. Some of our favorite combos are: lemon & mint, strawberry and lemon, strawberry and grape, cucumber, cucumber & lemon, lemon mint & cucumber, orange and basil

4. Set alarms on your phone to check in with your water intake throughout the day. It also helps to label your water bottle lids with a time stamp to ensure it is finished by a certain time.

5. Use a large pre labeled water bottle! This makes it very simple to get enough water and know if you are falling behind.

6. Buy 'fancy' water. If you prefer a certain brand of bottled water splurge on it during your cleanse. After all you are doing this for YOU so enjoy it! You deserve the water you love!

What do you do to ensure you drink a gallon of water each day of your cleanse? Please share your tips in the comments below. 

Emily Ojobaro

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Emily is continuously on her Journey to improve, grow and be the best she can be for her husband and three daughters. She has a passion for health, fitness and nutrition and likes to share what she has experienced to helps others start their Journey to success. 


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I make sure to fill each of my juice bottles with water before I allow myself to drink the next juice.

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Can I drink coffee on this cleanse

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Can I drink coffee on this cleanse

Michael 2021-05-03 09:41:35

How can I leave a tip for the delivery person

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