Taking Control With A Cleanse

I just turned 54 years old last month. I was forced into menopause in late 2012 when I lost my left ovary. It was not fun. I can remember my sister telling me to make sure I was at my ideal weight before I started going into menopause. I wasn't and I didn't have time to prepare. I have always struggled with my weight, my entire life. I went through a horrifying addiction with prescription diet pills that nearly destroyed my life. It definitely destroyed my marriage. 

I weighed in at 170 lbs. when I was forced into menopause. I topped out around 184 lbs. when I hit my highest weight. At only five-foot, three-inches, I was physically miserable. I tried many fad diets. I tried low carb which just made me hungrier because I was eating pre-packaged, processed food. I tried the HGC diet several times and followed it to a tee. I lost very little weight and always gained it  back when I stopped very restrictive dieting. At the age of 47 thru 49, I felt defeated; like my life as the person I wanted to be was over for good. I didn't socialize  because I was embarrassed of how fat I had gotten.

In early 2015, I watched a show about Joe who came to America in bad health and decided to juice his way back to health. I probably watched it in 2014 but had lost hope that I could get my body and energy back and didn't pursue it until 2015. When I got serious, I was living in a suburb of Houston, Texas. I found www.squeezedonline.com that would deliver juice right to my door. So, in February of 2015, I did my first juice seven-day cleanse. I was tired during that time, but it was such a clean tired. I let my body rest and just be nurtured by the juice. I don't know how much weight I lost during that first cleanse, but I continued to do them regularly for several months. I ended up just shredding the weight. By that summer, I had lost 50 pounds.

I want to relive my journey with everyone in my posts, from this point forward. I want to share that there is hope and you can regain more than a lighter body. You can regain your energy and your desire to enjoy life. Please stick with me and ask questions along the way.

Kelly Cashen

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