5 Guys (minus the burgers, fries & shakes). And then some! #squeezedonline Thank you, @powerfilled for the inspiration! See the post …



And here I go.... See the post …



Gave it a shot See the post …

Chantelle Shoaee


The day COVID hit, I was 125lbs and in the best shape of my life.
Today I’m 164lbs, and I’m the worst shape of my life. Surgery has caused severe ongoing GI issues, and sitting around while trying to recover while eating popcorn and cheesecake obviously didn’t help.
Starting my 7 day juice cleanse today, so if I’m bitchier than usual, gimme a break. I pray this helps jump start my metabolism, and gets me to finally bounce back.
Thanks Squeezed.com! See the post …



@ellie_hyler & @jannapham are you ready for this jelly???????? See the post …

Misty Gamez Owens


It’s been quite some time since my last juice cleanse….so I decided to try the Squeezed two day plan!! So it’s what’s for breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, & happy hour for the next two days Oh, yeah my husband is doing it too……so I’ll let you know how this goes!! See the post …



Just did my first juice cleanse with @squeezedonline and I’m officially obsessed & so happy with the results! 🥰 If you want to join the #squeezed fam with me, make sure you hit the radio button & select Jess 1065 at check out! ✨🥒 See the post …



Some days just require some vitamin sea and sand therapy. See the post …

Lissbeth Torres


I did it.. 6.6 lbs down See the post …



Double squeeze’n trouble See the post …



The life of a baseball mom…. See the post …



Still juice cleansing until the end of this week. Though out of all of the juice I have drank this one sure surprised me the most. I am trying to have a good week the best I can in my own way. Well I'll get with you guys later. Have a great day. See the post …

Houston Children's Charity


This is absolutely INCREDIBLE!

Thank you, Squeezed, for the unbelievable contribution to our Back2School program. This donation alone will fund 500 backpacks full of supplies so students can start the school year prepared! See the post …



Getting my juice on for the next 3 days! 🙏🏽 for me! See the post …

Kelleigh Reignee Brown


Day 1 getting started! See the post …

Erin Chambers-Shaw


Day 1 down & 2more to go... See the post …

Susan McKnight Hagins


Staying active on my juice cleanse with my favorite juice! I have so much more energy! See the post …



Jalapeño margaritas have nothing on the spicy squeeze! Pineapple, turmeric, orange, apple, lemon and ghost pepper See the post …

Catrena Tims


This is my first time on the program. Drink #1 taste good, but I like the beet favor. Add ice and it taste even better go down smooth. See the post …



So I’m doing this Thang! 2 day juice fast seams likes good start for me to get back on track and back into keto these are Not keto lol their fruit and veggies But hey I do me See the post …

Tharasa Tatyn Byers


On Friday I finished my first 5 day Super Squeezed cleanse! I must say, I stuck to it and felt absolutely AMAZING!! I slept better than ever before, exercised daily & the end result was a 10lb loss! I couldn't be happier. I just purchased another 5 days to begin tomorrow. I'd love to hear any pointers or advice from the squeezed veterans #squeezed4life See the post …

Alexis Webster


This was me bottle 1, day 1 of a 4 day cleanse. I have never done anything like this before and absolutely LOVED the experience!!!
I'm not usually one for posting either, but I just wanted to share my excitement of losing 7lbs in 4 days!
More than that I feel amazing and have been in a perpetually great mood since it started. This experience has encouraged me to buy my own juicer, I'm hooked! — feeling fantastic. See the post …



Here's to trying new things....Starting out with only 2 days. I'm not sure I could go longer than that my first time. I apologize in advance, because I'm about to be HANGRY. See the post …



This carnivore loves getting squeezed!! See the post …

Sarah Walker Rosson


I started my very first 5 day juice cleanse to lower some inflammation in my body, get rid of some bloat/excess & just get my eating habits back on track.
As of yesterday morning, I DID IT!!! I couldn’t be happier with the results!!! Now I am slowly weaning myself off the cleanse & allowing it to jumpstart a continued healthy summer!
Y’all know I am passionate about healthy living & that I eat lots of fruits/veggies, have consumed 30 fruits, veggies and berries daily in the form of my encapsulated powdered produce the last 11+ years— BUT of course, I am human and indulge on occasion (cue Crumbl Cookie and date nights.)
Everyone needs a "reset" at certain times, and I felt this was me. Bottom line... I now feel AMAZING. I knew I would complete this cleanse or die trying. I didn’t give myself an out & I’m so glad because once I pushed through the first hard 3 days, days 4 & 5 were so easy!! This isn’t a weight loss program, but you can lose weight. The key is to continue a healthy lifestyle after. Along with following the “super squeezed” program, I kept up with walking, strength training, and some HIIT workouts, drank the juices, & a gallon+ of water a day.
My results: Overall, in the 5 days I lost all my bloat along with 8.6 lbsand many inches off my stomach, hips, & chest. I feel way more intuned with my hunger now. I love the feeling of accomplishment and am so proud of myself.
I will definitely be doing this again!! See the post …

Sarah Kellner Bailey


Perfect weather for sitting outside and enjoy my first day of squeezed! See the post …

TL Shea


I did 2 four day cleanses over the past few months. Well now I'm not alone this time guys...... It's time for a family squeeze!! Yay, I'm excited. We start 3 days tomorrow! See the post …



Is it true people typically give gifts they themselves would like to get? Well everypawty knows I’m a fruit addict - I’m eyeing the 🍉 juice and am having major cravings right about now!! 😋 Summer is here my friends!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😂 Gifting my dad a @squeezedonline juice cleanse for Father’s Day! See the post …



Ordered 6 A La Carte and came in the cutest Lil bag. See the post …



Marking juice time fun time 😍 See the post …

Tracy Lewis


Day One
The juice being cold pressed and cold pressure ensures conserving the best nutriention, taste, and consistency.
By doing a cleanse I’m giving my digestive system a break and a reboot!!!
I’m wanting food, but I’m not hungry. It’s a mental thing to overcome. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ See the post …

Kim Walters


@squeezedonline See the post …

Laci Blake


I start my Squeezed.com juice cleanse tomorrow… sooo excited! Squeezed See the post …



All natural…just like my face! 5-day Squeezed cleanse begins now for me and my man @tcluck We got this! See the post …



I am feeling SO AMAZING after my @squeezedonline juice cleanse! Real talk, I have been struggling this past year — from constant belly bloat and inconsistency in my weight, I just wasn’t feeling myself. After a four day squeezed.com juice cleanse, I feel lighter, the bloat is gone, I have way more energy, and the best part — I learned about my body and what it needs to perform at its best. From discovering the best times to eat to managing portion control, my icky habits are a thing of the past. You can feel this way too! Check it out at squeezed.com and if you decide to do a 3, 4, 5 or 7 day cleanse, make sure you click “radio” then “Candice 92.5” at checkout! Thank you #squeezedonline 🧃 See the post …



All natural…just like my face! 5-day Squeezed cleanse begins now for me and my man @tcluck We got this! See the post …



Yep... it’s that time again... time for a gut reset!!! Every time I do one of these I find it easier to stick to a cleaner diet. So, I’m excited for this!! My gut has been completely out of wack with all the terrible crap I’ve been eating!! So it’s time for a change!! See the post …



Getting #squeezedonline starts tomorrow for 6 days. Ordered this morning, delivered by 5pm today. See the post …



Perfect!!! ☀️ #happygirl #perfectday #feelinggreat #juicecleanse #squeezedonline #success #healthy See the post …



Doing a little reset! I took a @everlywell full comprehensive food allergy test and found out that I am allergic to a lot of my "healthier" changes 🤦🤦🤦 I would have never guessed!
Ive had terrible migraines, bloating, impossible to drop weight, inflammation problems, joint pain, eczema in my ear canals, bad skin, acid reflux and so many other things I cant think of right now. I believe all of this stems from me not knowing about all my food allergies and continuing to expose my system!So in hopes to flush my system and reintroduce things that my body can tolerate it am starting a 5 day juice cleanse from @squeezedonline Im nervous because I have never done one before but excited to see how I feel in a few days! Here is #1 on day one! See the post …



I did it 🥳🙌🏻 Just finished my 3 days of juice cleanse🍋🍎🥒🥕🥬 #squeezed #squeezedonline
My main goal was to detoxify the body, let my GI rest, and be self discipline. My 2nd day was definitely the toughest since my brain was craving for food so bad although I didn’t really feel hungry😵‍💫
After these 3 days, I feel more energized and great about being able to control my cravings!
I am made of what I eat every single day. Eat healthy and stay healthy, strong, and happy ❤️❤️ See the post …



I'm feeling super with my Squeezed.com juice. See the post …



@squeezedonline See the post …



Would you do 3 day juice cleanse? See the post …



Starting my Squeezed cleanse…. Cassie says…. Mom, it’s too early for this! See the post …



I hope a summer body comes with this purchase! See the post …



#squeezedonline See the post …



Little walk and getting my juice on See the post …



A little #snack between my #shakes #tea & #aloe ,they are yummy 😋 See the post …



Finishing up a juice cleanse after the most challenging school year ever #teacherlife See the post …