Jeannie Groves


Excited!! Ordered the 5 day cleanse today for delivery of July 7th. My friend just finished and she says the juice is delicious and she's very happy with the results! See the post …

Cheya Johnson


I can't wait until tomorrow morning. Psyched to start my 1st Squeezed Cleanse!!! Love that you guys are local & deliver to the doorstep. :) See the post …

Ashley Smith-Amaro


Ordering my first cleanse today!!! See the post …


In March I decided to do the 3 day detox. I started on 4th and finished on the 6th. I found it to be very easy to go thru the 3 days without having unbearable hunger pains. One of the best benefits of the 3 day detox is that I lost 9 pounds. Thank you Squeezed. That 9 lbs that I lost gave me the Incentive to continue to loose weight by counting calories. When I started the Detox on March 4th my body weight was 250 lbs. and now as of April 29th my body weight is 225 lbs. I got Squeezed and I liked it. Thanks again.


I wasn't sure what to expect since I've never had one of these juices before. But it wasn't bad at all, I'm not a huge vegetable lover at all, but this really was good to me. I enjoyed the taste, i think will be ordering again.

Nina Kuhn


Thanks! Just finished my two day cleanse and I feel great:) See the post …


I just off the two day cleanse and I feel great today. I was tired during the evening time but I was okay. It was nice to give my stomach a break from all the protein that I was consuming. I feel light and refreshed. You all have great customer service as well. I will recommend you all to my friends! Thanks and I will try to do this once a month.

Nina Kuhn


Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service!!!! See the post …

Maureen Mullen Cantrell


Tried my first cleanse...wasn't sure I could do it, but I did! Had great energy, wasn't hungry, slept great and the bonus was being able to wear a pair of pants that I hadn't been able to wear for some time! I was a wimp and only did two days...next time I think I'll try three! Thanks David! See the post …

Demetria Babineaux


I'll begin my 5 day detox tomorrow...I've done the 3 day before so this should be easy, plus the juice taste really good. See the post …

Janet Sweeny Denton


On day 3 of the juice detox....love my ginger, apple and lime snack juice. See the post …

Stephanie Cantrell


Thanks Squeezed for helping me lose 8 pounds before my Hawaiian vacation!!! See the post …

Jim Cantrell


Just finished my 3 day detox...it was easier than I thought and the results are fantastic. I like the way the product is delivered with the sequence of the bottles with the labels. I am going to do it again in a month...I like the results! See the post …

Janet Sweeny Denton


Just ordered my 2nd round of juice detox. This time I'm going for 3 days. I love how this makes your body respond to the detox process. See the post …


I really thought it would be so much harder but it wasn't. Juices are delicious. Day four of six and my sinus issues are clearing up - yahoo!

Janet Sweeny Denton


Finished my 2 day detox last night. Very pleased with the process of ordering, delivery and taste of the juices. I'm ready for the new me! See the post …


I completed the one day detox. The juice was very tasty. Prior to drinking the juice I had a severe allergy attack for three days. A lot of sneezing and a sinus headache. When I finished the detox I could tell my sneezing was significantly reduced. The prompt delivery was also excellent. I was also pleased with the quickness of follow up to my email questions. Thanks

Roslyn Grizzard


Trying a 2 day detox right now. Easy ordering, prompt delivery and AWESOME juices and infused water! Will definitely work this into my monthly routine. See the post …


I just finished a 4 day detox of yours this week, and I just wanted to share my experience with you. I originally wanted to do the detox to lose a few lbs to fit comfortably into my bridesmaid dress for a wedding. I did lose 5.7 lbs, but more importantly, I really enjoyed the juices and felt really good! I couldn't believe how great the juices were! I love vegetables and fruits, but was a little apprehensive about the whole juicing thing in general. Well, I am now hooked! I will most definitely be ordering a detox package at least once a month. In fact, I think I just got 3 friends to order your detox program as well. Look forward to ordering again soon! Thanks for making such a great product!

Laurie Maki Desjardins


If you ate too much like I did this holiday season, you should try Squeezed juice detox. Cleanse your body AND lose weight. I lost 3 lbs in one day! And the juice tastes great!! I drink them as a meal replacement as well. Love it!! Thank you, Squeezed! See the post …

Ruben Reyes


Can't wait for my delivery to arrive!!! See the post …

Madge Jones


Looks GREAT! See the post …

David Fuentes


Stuff really works 7 pounds in 2 days taste is amazing also lots of vitamins you get everyday. See the post …

Muzzamil Muzzy Samad


Sad that its over!!!! Very good end results. Will definately get back on the detox and cleansing. See the post …

Sarah McDonald


As a skeptic to these types of drinks and sorts, I must say I very much enjoyed it and placed an order. Aside from the taste of the stuff, which was awesome. The honesty and straight-forward answers I got when I asked my 100 questions. Any company who takes the time to answer questions and goes out of their way to sell a product to a potential "maybe" customer, has got my vote. See the post …

Mohin Bhadkamkar


Tried a sample of Squeezed Juice today, and I have to say it is much better than I thought. Tried the pineapple, grape, apple, carrot flavor (all those fruits in one), and it tastes amazing. It also feels good to know that this is absolutely pure, unprocessed juice as nature intended. Can't wait to try other flavors. Everyone should be drinking this. See the post …

Susie Forge Murray


Tried Squeezed juice for the first time today and I must say it's pretty good! I'd definitely recommend it to others. Looking forward to trying the other products by Squeezed! See the post …

Matthew Palencia


Squeezed is the bomb dot com!!! Ask your mom!! See the post …

Kristen Vallery


I just completed my four day detox last night and weighed myself this morning and lost 8 pounds! And I feel great and have a lot of energy. So excited about the results and will def be a repeat customer:)))! See the post …

Jose De La Garza


I just finish the four day detox, and I'm loving the results, went from 195lbs to 186lbs, also lost 2inch in stomach. It has a very good flavor, which makes the program very easy to complete. Strongly recommend it. See the post …

Krystyn Alter Hall


Just had my first Squeezed infused water. Well kiddo #2 finished it. Can't wait to try the juices. See the post …

Laurie Maki Desjardins


Will be placing another order soon!! See the post …

Ryan Michael Orbin


Forget the "Like" button where is the "LOVE more than life itself!" button? See the post …

Matt Gaby


Your juice tastes pretty darn awesome and works! Everyone should check this stuff out! See the post …