It’s that time of year again!
Doing this with my #iaso tea. Gotta get right for my conferences in Orlando❤️ See the post …



‼️The second day of juice detox ‼️
The first day was so hard! I had a cracker 🥴 but that's okay, I'm proud of myself for accomplishing my first day 💪🏽

Wish me luck loves 🤎
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Stocked up the work fridge with some @squeezedonline juices. Trying to get some fruits and veggies in after a long weekend of snacks and booze! See the post …



Day 1 with #squeezedonline down! 3 more to go! See the post …



Day 2 of Ya и Busya doing a 3 day @squeezedonline 3 day juice cleanse. Both of us are feeling fabulous so far. Energy levels are good - even after a 3 mile run for me. (Cashew milk works well to stymie the hunger - but is a no-no for Busya... She likes different kind of nuts 😁) See the post …



Three for three on the great taste so far. Thanks #squeezedonline @squeezedonline See the post …



Guess what?? 988 mg’s of potassium in this bottle of @squeezedonline, did you know that potassium helps with water retention? I’m sure I’m not the only one with that problem today haha, you’re welcome 😉😆 #drinkup See the post …

Destiny Nicole Green


Here’s to the next 5 days of mine and Greg’s lives. We joined Squeezed and are doing the 5 day juice cleanse.
My friend / coworker Ashley Dye is also doing it but she is doing the 7 day one.
We have read so many things about it and hope to get a good result overall. I’m also glad that I will have someone to do this with at work and at home. It’ll help so much on staying on track. If anyone has been curious about this or has questions, ask me in 5 days! See the post …



@squeezedonline thanks guys for the delicious juice! Day 10 and feeling fantastic! It’s been quite an awakening. Let’s do it again sometime! See the post …



Day Two- Feeling good, Feeling great. They are all delicious. See the post …



Here’s my daily routine- i’m down 12 lbs. Try the three day cleanse. It works. See the post …



what was in the bag??? not wine but A JUICE CLEANSE!!!! i am SOOO excited i have wanted to do one of these for sooo long & finally just did it!! i’m doing a three day cleanse starting tomorrow with travis & leah & we all got different versions of the @squeezedonline juice cleanse! i did a bit of a diy & did two days of the original & one of the spicy, travis did three days of spicy, & leah did the super squeezed spicy which is hella greens lol
anyways, i requested content from travis & leah, we will see what they provide but here’s to a memorial day weekend juice cleanse!!!!!!!! See the post …



I just finished my @squeezedonline three-day juice cleanse! Here’s the scoop!
Benefits: I lost 6.5 pounds, I feel less hungry, I have a little bit more energy and I feel in general lighter with a flatter tummy. I appreciated being sent an email on post maintenance after my cleanse.
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5 day Juice cleanse by @squeezedonline meal number 1 let’s go. Can’t just let all that stuff build up. Time to clean out. Definitely recommended 1 to 2 times a year. See the post …

Kyle Biddlecombe


Let the 3 day cleanse begin. Squeezed #reset #stresseating See the post …



It’s Day1 y’all! I looked so happy this morning carrying my day 1 juices to work, and I was, but believe ME, this girl is REALLY missing her coffee right about now. I got this though! See the post …



Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
While my humans enjoy their
Squeezed cashew milk,
I’ll enjoy my ‘frosty paw’ too! See the post …



I’m addicted to these juices! See the post …



Welp, here’s to the next 5 days! I’ve always wanted to do a juice cleanse, but I kept second guessing myself & making excuses. This morning I just said “what do I have to loose?” I’m tired of eating and feeling like junk. Let’s see what happens! Follow me on my journey and I will post about it! See the post …



Find someone that looks at you the way I look at @squeezedonline juice 🤗😍🤤 See the post …



🍎🍌🥦🥬🥕First time trying this 3 day juice cleanse See the post …



Day 2 of the juice cleanse. See the post …

Tricia Young


Day 3 of juice detox in progress and ordering for next week!!! See the post …

Jennifer Wines


Staying strong Day 3/3 Polina Wingerath & Liz Ramos We are almost there See the post …

Roberto Quezada Sanchez


So marc and i decided to give our bodies a treat and give it a well needed cleansing .we just got our Squeezed cleansing drinks See the post …



My drinking buddy! Even on vacation, gotta stay on track! See the post …



So many juices! Let's do this!
We started our juice cleanse this morning. We have high hopes and decided to go with #SqueezedOnline because of all the good things we've heard about it! #7DayCleanse 💥👊🏼💪🏽🦸🏽‍♀️🦸🏼‍♂️ #LetsGetHealthy See the post …



Yesterday was another day getting things done! Day 2 of my @squeezedonline cleanse was smooth and made for easy mowing. See the post …

L'ori Marrero-Baeza


Day 1: Healthy Work Life Balance. See the post …

Kari Sisson


Even Sammy loves Squeezed. See the post …



Cleansing Time 😇 See the post …

KC Levels


  Ready. Set. Squeeze! #1stTimer #SqueezedOnline #forthehealthofitPost Username: Post Text (testimonial):                                    See the post …

The Show Sky


Meet Nugget, my Squeezed juice guard dog!!! He knows Mama feels better and takes him on more walks thanks to Squeezed.com and their juice cleanse. Try it for yourself (guard dog NOT included) See the post …

Robin L. Roether


Day (1) of 3 let the fun begin Squeezed See the post …

Fenya Reutov


Day 1 of 3!
Enjoying lunch out in the sunshine! See the post …



Set a goal for 4 days. So far so good. Even cooked dinner for the family and did not fold... time for snack 2. See the post …



Here we go! Day #1 - juice 1 See the post …



I had never done a cleanse before,  but wanted to try something to get rid of bloating,  fatigue, and possibly lose inches for the wedding.  Heard about squeezed on the radio,  and ordered online.  My juice cleanse was delivered within 2 hours of ordering.  I ordered the 4 day spicy squeezed cleanse which consisted of 5 juices ( one being spicy)  and a cashew milk.
Day 1: felt great. Did not workout. Felt a little hungry at night. Drank my last juice around 9pm. Woke up 3 times that night to pee 😬
Day 2: felt great. My body was detoxing.  Worked out at night for an hour. I was a little hungry after my workout,  but I had saved my cashew milk for my workout so after I drank that and I felt fine. Drank my last juice around 6pm. Slept all night sound asleep.
Day 3: felt great. Body was definitely detoxing.  Worked out in the morning after my workout drank my cashew milk. Drank my last juice around 6pm. Slept amazing.
Day 4: worked out in the morning.  Drank my cashew milk. Then,  got busy at work, and only drank one juice. At 1 pm realized I was starving.  So, I drank 2 juices. Then, felt better.  Slept so well.
As far as weight I lost around 8 lbs, and about 1.5 inches around my waist. Honestly,  loved the cleanse. I will do it again because I loved not feeling bloated, sleeping much better, and high energy throughout the day free of mid day crashes. I did not get any cravings surprisingly. Plus, it was nice not having to cook, or plan/think about what I was going to eat that day since I had my juices.
What worked for me was not drinking the juices late at night because you may wake up to pee often. Drinking only half of your cashew milk after your exercise,  and save half for if you feel hungry later after an activity. I found sipping on a juice, and finishing one every hour or two hours worked best for me, and I didn't feel hungry at all when I did that. I finished all my juices everyday. Woo-hoo I did it! If you have underlying health issues; consult doctor before starting a cleanse See the post …



Day 1 of 2 juice cleanse! See the post …



Day 3 here we go! See the post …

Renita Crutchfield


Never liked Beet Juice until I SQUEEZED 4-Day Cleanse See the post …

Jessica Rhodes


Sarah Thomason, look what made it to the GC! Squeezed !! See the post …



Starting a juice cleanse for the week! The whole fridge is loaded with juice with leftover pizza crammed in there that we are going to try really hard to ignore (only feed to the boys) 🤪 #squeezedonline #inthistogether #cravingpopcorn 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ See the post …



The last drink of my Squeezed.com 3 day juice cleanse! 😩🙌🏼 its been so nice waking up NOT bloated af LOL & these juices were bomb! I can’t wait to try the spicy ones! 😍 See the post …



Day 2 of 5 with my other half @skhazaeli 💗 See the post …

Marc Pógmothóin Odden


It's Done..... 5 day Juice Cleanse. Now, just weigh in tomorrow morning and Cheeseburger for lunch!!!!! See the post …

Sarah LeMaster


Beautiful day outside with my book and my favorite juice! Squeezed 3! I could drink this all day long! See the post …



Happy Friday babes💗
Today’s was the last day of our 3 day juice cleanse and all I can say is how amazing I feel!! @squeezedonline made it so easy and convenient with their fast delivery and delicious juices. I’m so happy my husband joined me since he’s not big into juicing, but he really enjoyed the taste. Definitely was a fun experience for the both of us. These are some of the benefits we felt.
•More energy
•Better sleep
•Overall better digestion
•Less bloating
•Súper clean skinOutfit 
@hazelandolive_ 💗 See the post …



#dayone done I have never #juiced in my life I don’t even like juice to be honest but I have to say I love all the juices in this #squeezedonline #detox except supper squeeze number 2 it was tolerable as long as it was ice cold ❄️ 128 oz of water down along with it and I feel great 3 days to go#cleansing #vegan #healthylifestyle #cleandrinking See the post …



Today starts my 5 day juice cleanse! I am super excited and motivated to reset my eating habits. I’ve maintained my healthy eating habits for the most part, but snacked a little too much lately. That ends today!! See the post …