On Monday it’s about to go down....for four days!!! Wish me luck. See the post …



good to the last drop ✨✨ See the post …



I just got my Squeezed Juice and can’t wait to start tomorrow.  See the post …



@squeezedonline 5-day cleanse during #teacherappreciationweek is NO JOKE, but I’m staying strong! 👏💪🍏🍍🍋🍊 See the post …



3 Day Super Squeezed Cleanse from @squeezedonline 🧘‍♀️💕 cannot wait to kickstart my body into feeling better! See the post …



Somewhere between work hard and play harder...
I’m ending my 1st year of school with a vacation in sight!
I’ve been going hard on the carbs so I’m cleansing my body with a juice cleanse and making sure that my mind is focused on the Bigger picture.
I’m also hoping I can drop some of this weight from all the cookies and ice cream, I’ve been eating to cope with school 😩😂🤣. It is swimsuit season.🥴 See the post …



Decided to give @squeezedonline a try - thanks @internjohnradio for the recurring ads that wore me down 🤣😂 they look delicious - Can’t wait to share my experience! Wish me luck - #alitriessqueezed // 🍎 🥦 See the post …



Finished day 3 like a champ! I feel great! I am excited to chew some food tomorrow, but overall my energy has been fantastic, I feel lighter, and just really good overall.I may have hid from everyone during dinner tonight... but hey, I made it through all three days! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 See the post …



What are the benefits of a juice cleanse!?
🍉 Success – Boosts energy for the effort needed to climb to success.
🍋 Cleanse – Deep tissue cleanse and nourishment allowing for healthier hair and skin.
🍍Self-Discipline – Conditions portion control and curbs cravings.
🥝 Healthy Habits – Breaks bad eating habits and builds healthy routines.
🍌Calorie Reduction – For many, causes weight loss due to a caloric deficit. See the post …



uice Cleanse Day 2️⃣...
I’m feeling slightly hungry this morning but other than that, I’m feeling great ✨
No headache 🚫
Good energy 💫
Improved Mental Clarity 🧠
Feeling well rested 🛌
I like to do a juice cleanse about every 3 months 🗓 to help rid my body of extra toxins, give my metabolism an extra boost, and to improve my overall health 🤩
I’m ready to conquer today! Continuing to make my health and wellness a priority. I’m ready to be my best so I can give my best 💥 Happy Tuesday, make it awesome. You totally got this 💪🏼 See the post …



“S” for Squeezed!! Another order has arrived! 😋 my fave! I’ve already lost weight and can’t wait to lose more 💪🏼hit me up if y’all want a referral 😉thanks @squeezedonline #squeezedonline See the post …



One down 4 to go X 3 days.#juicecleanse #health #squeezedWish me luck. :)Get your behind in shape. Literally. See the post …



We meet again my friend...Mmmmm See the post …



So I have been redoing the inside of my fridge since adapting my new #veganish lifestyle. I am easing my way into becoming a vegan, so there are a couple of bad items in there still lol. But I wanted to show off my essentials which make up my every day consumption. Juicing has become one of the biggest parts of my daily diet now, because I am healing my body from the inside with nutrition. It’s not always easy to stick to, but my health is more than enough motivation 😊 big shout out to @squeezedonline for having great juice options and same day delivery for when I haven’t had the time to make my own juices! Shout out to @athleticgreens for their incredible green superfood supplement, and also @harmlessharvest for the best organic coconut water! All of you plus my @omegajuicing juicer are giving me a new lease on life and the excitement to wake up and tackle each day!! See the post …



NEW PARTNER ANNOUNCEMENT!We would like to welcome Squeezed to the family! Both Strawberry & Lizette did their first ever juice cleanse with @squeezedonline and have been telling Wake Up Show listeners about the cleanse and delicious juices. Squeezed is now an official partner of the Wake Up Show and if anyone is thinking about a juice cleanse, breaking bad eating habits or losing weight, please check out Squeezed at Squeezed.com See the post …



Ordered this cleanse at noon and it was sitting on my porch at two-thirty. Sayyy what. Day one, first drink. Cheers ❤️ @squeezedonline See the post …



My pug support crew is pumped that I just finished my first 7-day @squeezedonline juice cleanse. More energy = more playtime.❤️ See the post …



I found doing a 3 or 4 day @squeezedonline juice cleanse once a month works for me!Find what works for you and try a Squeezed.com juice cleanse!(Mention Radio/Deuce & Nina at checkout) 😉 See the post …



Getting ready to hit reset!! I have been struggling with eating right I let my cravings take over. Starting a 4 day squeeze cleanse tomorrow and hubby is joining me! Very excited and happy to have his support. Next 4 days we will only be drinking our meals!! Let's do this!! See the post …



In other news, while making pan after pan of homemade #MacandCheese I am doing an amazing #juicecleanse & @squeezedonline is giving me energy and perseverance to keep going! #myYumminess🥒🍉🍏🍋 See the post …



Excuse the Hot Mess Monday 😂 & it was 46 degrees in HOUSTON this morning. 🤦🏻‍♀️ But I’m super stoked to try my first juice cleanse from @squeezedonline! It’s only 3 days but I want to make sure I’m extra bikini ready for @girls.gone.wirelesss in Orlando this week! Can’t wait! 👙👙👙 See the post …



Day two Juice cleanse and I am feeling a lot better I do not hurt as much as I did yesterday. My kidneys hurt so bad yesterday it was so so so painful. See the post …



Started my morning with a little juice, meditation and my journal. Today will be a magnificent day! See the post …



Supply Your Body With the Proper Nutrition. @squeezedonline is a Great Place to Start. As Always Finesse Your Fitness. See the post …



Yum! And yes, I DO start my day with @squeezedonline #squeezedonline 🍊🍍🥕🍎🍋 and beet and ginger! See the post …



Funny things humans get excited about....juice cleanses!I am human.I’ve never done a fast but would love to at some point.. baby steps, I thought a 3 day juice routine would get me closer to an actual fast.Right now I really just want to jump start my metabolism & reset everything!! My plan was this week but it’s already Thursday so Monday is the goal. I’d do the weekend but I want to be in more of a routine when I start.I signed up with @squeezedonline See the post …



Well, WE MADE IT! I promised to keep you all posted on our juice detox experience, so here is my take away.
🍎My husband lost 7 pounds but aside from the weight loss he felt no other benefits. He actually felt weaker, more tired, and had muscle cramps which prevented him from his normal workout routine.
🍎 I lost 7 pounds. I slept better, had more energy, felt less bloated, and less anxious. I wake up a lot every night and did during the cleanse as well, but I had an easier time falling back asleep and slept more sound. I had headaches in the morning a few days but woke up feeling more alert and energized. (Aside from day 6, which was the hardest.)
I enjoyed the satisfaction of being self-disciplined, since so many aspects of my life feel out of my control at the moment. I think this was the kick I needed to start making healthier choices. I will definitely do it again, but I will only do 5 days in the future. I hit a plateau and saw no added benefit in the last two days.



Day #3 @mamaweaver we've got this!! 💪 See the post …



Trying out two new things today...a middle(ish) part..and a #spicysqueezed2This middle part makes me feel like my lovely grandmother in 1972 (and I’m not mad about it, Katherine was 🔥)
And the Spicy Squeezed is actually delicious (and super spicy)!
(I tried a third thing as well...please note that my magnetic lashes are NOT on my eyes... how do you guys get those suckers to stay on?! ) See the post …



On the third day of my fast, I was diagnosed with Covid... so that was unfortunate timing. I will be doing this again soon to get the full benefit. But I will say the first two days (before the more intense Covid symptoms kicked in day three), I was definitely feeling more energy, and some detox symptoms. My bowels feel like they got a bit of a cleaning, and my liver experienced detox and still is despite a few days off the juice! Looking forward to another try at the full five days soon! See the post …



Juicing update. 🔥Day 1 wasn’t actually as bad as I thought. Thankfully the day went quick and didn’t drag. I am down 4lbs. 😁The second juice was definitely the absolute worst to get down. 🥴The others were doable. Lunch was my favorite because I felt as though I was drinking apple 🍏 juice. Cheers to day 2 and making it through a Saturday 💪🏼💦 See the post …



4 day juice cleanse complete! Feeling great! See the post …



Juice cleanse coming in clutch...down 16lbs after a week of vacation. See the post …



7-Day Juice cleanse ✅ See the post …



Last day of my juice detox. Juicing is the fastest way to get vitamins and minerals into the body. Not only is it good for the physical body but also your mental health. It helps with memory, improves your mood, increase your performance, help relives stress, anxiety, & depression. See the post …



I’m excited to give the @squeezedonline juice cleanse a try! Every year I try to hit the reset mentally and physically at the beginning of Lent. This year I mentioned it to my wife she never does cleanses with me but she said she’s in if I do this one so here we are starting a 5 day tomorrow!! See the post …



My parents are doing a @squeezedonline juice cleanse! We survived Day 1️⃣ that was a bit hairy. 😳 Day 2️⃣ has been easy breezy! I’m giving my mom the @barkbox detox chew toy to gnaw on. She gets really hungry around 5pm! 😂 See the post …



Do you ever need to press reset?
I usually do some sort of cleanse at least twice a year but this last year, well....
This year my hubby is joining in and we’re doing a quick 2-day juice cleanse by @squeezedonline. They have super easy shipping and can deliver same day in some areas. I usually will do a longer cleanse but I’m very honest about where my commitment level is these days.
I consider myself to be a fairly healthy person but this time around I’m striving for balance. I’m usually an all or nothing type of girl but that’s completely not sustainable as @iamjennuinely constantly reminds me. So if you see me with a scotch and soda (that’s my go to drink when I’m trying to make better choices) that is part of me committing to balance.
What do you do to reset or how do you find balance when recommitting to fitness goals? See the post …



1st juice cleanse ✅
I did @squeezedonline 3-day juice cleanse bc my bestie recommended it & I lost a total of 4 pounds!! Which is pretty good considering that’s over 1 pound per day 🥳
It was a great way to “wipe the slate clean” and now I feel ready to really adopt healthier eating habits 🍊
If you’re thinking of doing a cleanse, I highly recommend trying this one! See the post …



Every now and then a #juicecleanse is so needed! Checkout @squeezedonline juices! If you don’t want to do a whole cleanse, you can just buy ala cart and add more #fruits and #veggies to your day. I absolutely love my #squeezedonline juices! #saturdayvibes #suescoffeetalk recommendation #healthyliving #healthylifestyle See the post …



Day 4/4 of my @squeezedonline juice cleanse! 🥬🍉🥒🍋🥕
Was feeling SO great and loving the results I’m seeing that I went to the gym for a workout!Gonna recover with the yummy cinnamon cashew milk they provide for post workouts 💪🏽 See the post …



Well, damn, @squeezedonline. You got me with a radio commercial and same day delivery, but now I’m sold on taste alone. I can’t wait for the rest! See the post …



Day 1 of the juice cleanse that I started today . Anyone that knows me knows I have a sweet tooth. At the time it seemed like a good idea.....😜anyone else tried a juice cleanse? Only 2 more days to go😆 p.s I do feel great ! See the post …



✨Juice Cleanse✨I used @squeezedonline and chose a 3 day cleanse. I also chose not to eat anything during my cleanse. I up’d my water intake as suggested to do. There are 6 total bottles for the day. 1, 3 and 5 are meant for meals, while 2 and 4 were considered snacks. There is also a bottle of Cashew Milk, which is absolutely amazing!! 😋 I didn’t experience the hunger pains like I thought I would. But when I did start to feel hungry, I immediately drank my next juice. I didn’t wait for any one specific moment. I just listened to my body. Day 1 I did get a pretty bad headache. I linked to to cutting out my morning coffee. So on day 2 and 3, I did continue with my normal 2 cups of morning coffee. No more headache. Otherwise, it went great!! Every bottle was filled with amazing and organic flavor. I will be using this company again and may order some bottles a la cart 😀 (which is an option) Score!! See the post …



@squeezedonline let’s do this 🍎🥦🍊🥒🥕🍍🍑 See the post …



Two day juice detox gave me life!
Pounds lost!
Stomach looking & feeling better!
Full & energized!
Yummy juice combinations. See the post …



Last one of the day! Gotta admit, I’m feeling good! See the post …



Juice Cleanse done! Starting a detox at the beginning of the year is a great feeling. Out with old, in with the clean! 💚💚💚 See the post …



Been M.I.A. for awhile. Doing a 1-Day Juice Cleanse tomorrow just to try and see if I like the juices enough for a 3-Day Cleanse. Cheers to starting over! See the post …



We did it!! The homies finished a 3 day juice cleanse! Nothing else just juice and here’s the tea
1) @carlaforston hates straws (we think 🤷🏻‍♀️ cuz she has none) P.S. don’t hate on us for having straws
2) juices 2&4 made me feel like my blood was ice! Yup little Miss independent heater froze to death for 3 days and did not enjoy it 🥶
3) I wasn’t actually hungry i just wanted to chew something 🤷🏻‍♀️ and i had no dips in energy (taught my hot yoga class and went out dancing -and competed- with no issues)
4) I wanted a @rosascafetortillafactory tortilla the whole time 😩 and 👏🏻 did 👏🏻 not 👏🏻 eat 👏🏻one 👏🏻🥳 *very fast intense claps because that’s kind of a big deal*
5) Habits to try to continue —> ⬇️ sugar and gluten (my worst enemies) ⬆️ veggies (more Brussel sprouts please) 🙂🧡 See the post …