I challenge myself a tried a 1 day juice cleanse with @squeezedonline. See my thoughts and read about my experience on my blog (link in bio!) See the post …



Today is Day 1 of my 3-Day all juice cleanse by Squeezed. The juices actually taste good and there is flavored cashew milk too. They personally delivered the cold juices to my door. Luckily, I have some great friends joining me on this healthy recharge and detox. See the post …



Went and donated blood today, took my juice with me this morning. During the interview process, they did a finger stick to check my levels. I was a bit worried I might become anemic since I’ve been juicing, but I was the complete opposite. The girl asked me if I took iron pills bc my levels were great! “Nope just juicing” See the post …



Let’s do this! 3 day juice cleanse. Keith hates me. See the post …



Bottoms up, y’all! 👊🏻🥒🍎🥬🥕 See the post …



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all the details & my full review of the 24-hour juice cleanse is up on the blog! 🍉 I told y’all I’m completely honest with you. I also told you that I wasn’t going to share with you how I was feeling later in the day until now...ALL the details are included in my post! 🙌 link in bio! See the post …



This is my juice cleanse !!!Dude I'm going to be so hungry tomorrow:/2d See the post …



It’s important to constantly challenge yourself holistically. That’s the lifestyle I live. I did a 5-day juice cleanse a few months ago. I am back at it again with a 6-day juice cleanse starting today! I am so excited to cleanse my body, mind, and spirit! I look forward to experiencing amazing things! You don’t receive what you believe; you receive what you expect! Cheers to Day 1 🙌🏽 See the post …



@ngoveia_vonderstarke & I finished up a 5 day juice cleanse yesterday! Feeling great! 🍊💪🏼 Also this plastic WILL be recycled! ♻️  See the post …



Let’s go! 1 day off.... raw clean eating! Another 4 days to follow! See the post …



Just up-leveling my health game over here! The pandemic really took a toll on me- especially in the beginning. No more gym, no more physical socializing and lots of stress! LOTS of stress! You hear me, right? I was eating more in general but was not eating as healthy. My mental health was also suffering as we struggled to help our kids through this time, help them learn and fill their cups as best we could. Something needed to change. I needed to do something for myself so . . . I started running. ⁣⁣
Seriously running. Not just a mile or two or three like I had previously, but long distances. Actually, I picked up a training plan for a half marathon. Along with that I began focusing on long term nutritional changes tailored to my unique make up. It seemed imperative due to the fact I was demanding more from my body.⁣⁣
I’ve been making sure I support my body with high quality supplements (dōTERRA’s LLV are amazing), been making a point to get the right amount of sleep and trying to employ all my mindfulness tools (these day this is sometimes difficult).⁣⁣
Here are some of the things I’m using to stay on track:⁣
🦢 Lemon Essential Oil in my water⁣
🦢 Fresh fruits and vegetables in my diet (sometimes fresh juice is in order- like for the next three days)⁣
🦢 A GPS tracker to log my runs
⁣🦢 Fitness band to track health stats⁣
🦢 Mindfulness Meditation⁣
🦢 Whole Food nutritional supplements (LLV)⁣
🦢 Deep Blue for muscle soreness⁣
🦢 Green Mandarin Essential Oil (dream big) in my diffuser at night⁣
🦢 Therapy! (Please ask for help when you need it)⁣⁣
My point with all this is that it's totally possible to make positive changes during any crazy time in your life. If you want it, make it happen! I’ve transformed this time during isolation to be something that helps me really get more in tune with my body. How I feel physically, mentally and spiritually. So with that, here’s to a three day juice extravaganza! ⁣thanks @colleenbouchard for the recommendation on @squeezedonline! Day 1! Let’s go!⁣ See the post …



It’s. about. to go. Down! 👀💪🏽🤣 See the post …



Gallon of water and my juice. Day one of 3 giving my body a little break and hoping to get my tummy feeling better. See the post …



It was too early for a video, but here are a couple of pics of juice 1 in my @squeezedonline juice cleanse. I am not a juice lover by nature, and I prefer vegetables over fruit (I know, I'm a weirdo) but this was decent; not at all hard to get down and a hint of sweetness. Be aware that this has a beet base and beets stain (they are often used to dye fabrics). I was loading up my arms to transfer the juices from their case into the fridge, and there was definitely a little leakage from one of these....of course I had a white shirt on, so here's hoping dad @valuedrycleaners can get it out!
I did take my prescribed meds this morning and I am planning to have one cup of black coffee because ending up with a migraine at the end of the day is not worth it. I'll try a half decaf cup tomorrow, and see if I can get away without it the last 3 days. Cheers 🥤 See the post …



Detox Team! Day 1 of our day 3- we got this 🙌🏻 @squeezedonline thank you for keeping us healthy! See the post …



Today I start another round of a 7 day cleanse by Squeezed Online delivered to my doorstep with contactless delivery. These cleanses are meant to rebalance, recharge and reenergize your body. I do these ever so often to help rid my body of unnecessary toxins. I feel awesome after I complete them and see a boost in my fitness performance. Each day you drink 7 juices which are cold pressed with no preservatives and has all the necessary vital nutrients to keep you feeling full. Cheers 🧃 See the post …



7 days? I got this... See the post …



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I’ve officially completed a 7 day juice cleanse, my first cleanse ever! 🍎🥒🥕🍊 I’ve lost almost 10 pounds and feel energetic & proud of this accomplishment as it truly was all about staying disciplined with the right attitude. 🙌 I continued to work out throughout the week and also drank almost a gallon of water every day! 💦 The only negative thing I could say about the cleanse was having to pee alllllllllll the time.🤣I decided to do a cleanse as my body just felt bloated and gut yucky. Life has left me feeling sluggish & stressed so I wanted to focus on something I could control with a positive outcome. 🌟 I can honestly say I feel amazing and there hasn’t been a single day where I’ve felt “hungry”. This doesn’t mean that certain smells or foods looked delicious (try walking by a Cinnabon when you LOVE them) but there’s a difference between truly being hungry or just craving something because of old habits. Health is the BEST wealth!💯A few things I’ve learned during this cleanse:
1️⃣Anything is truly possible. Remove the word can’t from your vocabulary. Discipline is 50% attitude & 50% determination.
2️⃣Having an accountability partner is everything! Thank you @cateyes613 ! 💗 See the post …



Gotta give some a shout out to my boyfriend for being supportive and encouraging throughout my #3daycleanse . I completely took over his beer fridge and turned it into my juice fridge 😂 See the post …



It's that time again... Doing my 2nd round of juice cleanse with @squeezedonline This might be a monthly routine. 😁 See the post …



My mom is doing a juice cleanse, so many bottles for me to play with until I pass out. See the post …



My meals for the next 3 days. Haven't done a juice cleanse in awhile - looking forward to reaping the benefits!@squeezed does it up right! See the post …



Today’s flavor of the day brought to you from @squeezedonline. It’s a good one too, I haven’t had any complaints on any of them. Jicama, turmeric, ginger, carrot, apple and lime.. See the post …

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Best way to enjoy hump day along with a gentle reminder! See the post …



Power is out, but trying to make the best of it. Finally dedicating time to read while enjoying #bottle3 of my @squeezedonline program See the post …



When your child LOVES the #3 juice from See the post …



And Jon and I start this tomorrow for the next 3 days 🤪 Wish us luck that we don’t kill each other See the post …



First came covid quarantine then came @squeezedonline! This should be a fun 3 days... Juice cleanse begins tomorrow wish me luck, I’m going to need all I can get! 🍀 See the post …

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Starting day 1 of 5. Excited to feel healthy! See the post …

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Here we go!! Day 1! Mid afternoon snack time! See the post …



My meals this week 30 bottles, it's time to get rid of this corona 20 lbs😊. While most were exercising, I was stuffing myself so its a cleanse for my this week. Day 1 is almost over and I'm seriously evaluating my life choices🤕🤨. The 1st 2 days are always the hardest for me, but I got this. See the post …



Sometimes you need help re-kickstarting a healthier lifestyle. 7 day @squeezedonline juice cleanse starting in the morning. See the post …



For that Long Weekend Recovery or the MidWeek Blues @squeezedonline is the best Cold Pressed Cleansed I’ve had and tried!!!..The Spicy and Cashew milk is my favorite!!! See the post …

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Getting ready to be Super Squeezed! I am so excited to start my cleanse in the morning! See the post …

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...it begins again, tomorrow. 3 day juice cleanse... See the post …



Day 1 of 4 has begun...and at this point almost ended. I am about to consume my last beverage in my first ever juice cleanse from @squeezedonline . So far, so good! I'm hoping for a nice little reboot from this cleanse. All of the juices have been delicious and today I'm just taking a rest day, since it's a lot less calories than a person my size #glamazon should be getting. Tomorrow, will be the real test, I have a feeling! Till then, I'll just be over here drinking my cashew milk deliciousness 😋 See the post …



#socialdistancing is a good time for #soulsearching Got to start somewhere. What did I get myself into? See the post …



And it has begun..Thanks @squeezedonline #weddingcountdown See the post …



Oh, these next 5 days are going to be awesome. See the post …



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Day 1 of my 3 day juice cleanse. See the post …



I did a 5 day Squeezed.com juice cleanse. It was tough but I made it! If you want to know more details, check out our latest Our McWorld video. Link in bio.🧃 See the post …



Lunch by the pool. See the post …

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So excited to start this tomorrow See the post …

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Juice 1 day 1.... 7 days is the goal! See the post …

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Those who “squeezed” together stay together.Day 1 of our 3-day #juicecleanse See the post …