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I am super excited to try these juices by @squeezedonline I ordered them today and they were on my porch within hours. I am super stoked to try them  See the post …



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Time for a January juice cleanse! Decided to do a 4 day cleanse starting today! Here we go <3 See the post …



This weekend Paul & I started our juice cleanse!! (Which is actually super fun to do together) 💕 We are feeling amazing & wanted to share with you all!! Here is what we are feeling by Day 3....
1. More Energy 💪🏼
2. Better Sleep 😴
3. Increased happy 😊 Mood
4. Less bloating (by a lot) 🙌🏼
5. Overall better digestion
6. Super clear skin
7. Clear thinking (no brain fog)
8. Stronger immune system (I can always feel that) due to my Lyme Disease.
9. Overall feeling awesome 😎10. Did I mention no bloating?! 🙌🏼
Shouting out @squeezedonline for the amazing delicious juices, speedy delivery, great customer service, and wonderful packaging! Can’t wait to do this again in the near future! 🙌🏼💖🥒🥬🥦🥕🍋🍉🍏🥥
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4 days thanks by I’m missing juice # 4 See the post …



On your mark.... get set .... cleanse! See the post …



Im tired of drinking at this point and im not really hungry...day 1 almost done See the post …



✅ 2020 Done✅ 3 day Juice Cleanse DoneReady to get healthy in 2021Juices are delicious! See the post …



Okay @squeezedonline, this stuff makes pretty amazing coffee! Yum! See the post …



Day 1 of my juice cleanse and reset. I need to get back on track from the holidays. See the post …



J U I C E 🥕🍎🥬 C L E A N S E
Only in Minnesota... ❄❄❄
Starting tomorrow- Super excited to recharge my body! I'm doing a 3 day @squeezedonline cleanse to boost my vitamin intake, jack up my immune system & detox the gunk I've put into my body over the holidays!
Its not too late to join me, I've got 5 friends already ordered! Trust me- your body will thank you! 🙌 See the post …



Getting ready to start my #squeezedonline cleanse. I indulged a bit too much over the holidays so I am ready to get the toxins out of my body! See the post …



It’s dads first day of this juice cleanse...maybe no more dad bod? See the post …



Day 1 of our juice cleanse! Let’s get 2021 started right!! Yum!!!!! 😎❤️🥰💕🥕🍍🥒🍋🥥 See the post …



On the days you feel like no one believes in you...
Straighten your crown 👑. Wipe those tears. KNOW that You are more than enough.
Feelin' myself today!
✔ brãn consumed
✔ started a juice cleanse
✔ working with no pants on, bed head, & my feet up
✔ new product release tonight
This is my life & I have to say... I AM HERE FOR IT 🤘
Create the life you want.
Love the life you live.
And Babeee❗ ✋ listening to what the haters have to say! They don't even know themselves ✌
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Day 1 of 5.
I can do this. I’m going to do this. This is for me.
This year is for me. For me to rid my life of all things toxic. For me to master what we NEED in our lives. For me to surround ourselves with those who matter most!
What are YOU doing for YOU this year?? See the post …



New Year: trying this juice cleanse.This one tastes good. See the post …



Day 3 of my juice cleanse it is tough but I am making it!!! My Afternoon snack drink!! See the post …



I need a change! 2020 kicked my butt. I’ve never felt older or more drained in my life. I’m so excited and nervous to start my first EVER juice cleanses TODAY!!! Thanks so much to @squeezedonline for making it so easy!!!!
I legit placed my order and in 24 hours it was at my doorstep. The hubby and I have committed to the 7 Day Cleanse....watch out world!!!! I’ve always believed in the benefits of juicing but this is going to be my first time drinking only juice for 7 day. If our willpower holds out, this will be so amazing and hopefully jumpstart permanent changes for 2021. Check them out you can do a 1 Day all the way to a 7 Day Cleanse. Mention Rock 105.3 at checkout. Fingers crossed and best wishes for a healthy New Year for all of us!!!  See the post …



Adapting. See the post …



Tomorrow I’m hitting the reset button with a 3-day juice cleanse! I’ll keep everyone posted about how #squeezedonline is going! See the post …



3 day juice cleanse starting tomorrow!!!! See the post …



Happy holidays and happy juicing. #squeezedonline See the post …



Love how I feel after a juice cleanse! The energy is back! See the post …



Who’s ready to get squeezed? Squeezed is a detox juice cleanse that offers same day delivery. Squeezed is a perfect way to kick start a healthier lifestyle.  See the post …



Whatcha doin? I’m doodling some more on a journal page I did awhile ago and having a conversation with myself about trying to reboot my eating habits. 😂 I don’t know about anyone else but my eating habits have fallen to the bottom of the list the last few months. Can I get a hand raise if you are struggling with that too? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Cause gosh knows a cookie really does make you feel better. If you are struggling or are working on better habits what are some tips you can give to start moving in the right direction? Drop em below. I’m doing a little reboot with @squeezedonline juices hoping to start some better habits. 😁⁠⁠
Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! 🌈⁠ See the post …



#moving week powdered by #squeezedjuice #squeezedonline #juicecleanse See the post …



Today is the last day of my @squeezedonline 3-day super squeezed juice cleanse, and I’m not gonna lie, it was tough! I don’t have the healthiest relationship with food. I eat for everything little thing and every single emotion, even when I’m not even hungry. Even now I’m still thinking “one more day and I get to eat actual food!” This cleanse has helped me to see that I don’t need stuff my face with food every chance I get. I also feel like I have more energy along with my skin feeling better. I definitely feel like this is something I need to do every other month to just reset! Don’t know if I could do longer than 3 days, but you never know! 🥬🥒🍋⠀ See the post …



Update Day 3 of Juice Cleanse:
Woke up at 5:30am. Started peeing every 30 mins after that. 🙄Was a little light headed this morning, but after my first 2 bottles I was good to go.
All juice bottles went down with ease today.
Had a busier day today so 1 of the juice bottles and 3 bottles of water are missing from the picture bc they are in my car and I didn’t feel like going out into the cold to get them bc, pants. So! They will make it in tomorrow’s picture🤣
Loving what it’s doing to and for my body, but mentally I feel like I am over this shit and then I flip back and to the “remember why are you doing this and get your shit together!” And then I’m fine again. Normal I guess? 🤷🏽‍♀️I’m down 11 pounds - which is pretty friggin awesome.
Bloat just keeps going away. I can’t remember the last time my stomach has felt this good. Probably in high school. 🏃🏽‍♀️ That was 17 years ago!
Wow! 😱Still another big thing is my joints don’t hurt. This is huge for me as every day is a struggle with this pain. So this is amazing to me!
I miss food. I am not really craving anything, but I just miss food 🤣😂.I’m already creating a meal plan for me to go on after this is over, so I’m excited about that. Gonna try Keto. I eat a lot of those foods already so just have to cut out the carbs so I’m thinking it will be pretty easy. If I can get thru this then I can cut our carbs. (Idk about cutting out wine tho, we shall see! 😂😂)
Still would recommend this to anyone who is thinking about doing it. It’s 100% mental. I knew I would love the health benefits of it, but honestly I did it to challenge myself mentally. Achieving that goal with every hour. It’s sucks, but I am so proud of myself for sticking with it that it makes it all worth it. 💙💪🏻
This journey has already inspired one family member to start hers tomorrow, so that’s awesome! Makes my heart full knowing my choice inspired someone else to take the leap! 💙🤩 Love it!
Looking forward to day 4 tomorrow and continue to kick this things ass! Thanks for the encouragement for those of you who are following! It is much appreciated and noticed! See the post …



Time to cleanse my body before the holiday feasting begins 🎉 See the post …



This mug sums it up!! 🤣
I absolutely love frequent cleanses and I’m always juicing for myself and for the family - which is totally fine, when I have time - but with Christmas shopping, the final prepping of our elk meat, getting everything together for our hunts this week and meal prepping in advance for my 12 week program with the one and only @graciebfit - I’m opting for a juice cleanse that can be delivered TO ME!
I’ve looked around Az for a local juicer who also delivered and came across @squeezedonline - they have fantastic reviews and offer 1-7 day juice cleanses that are delivered to your doorstep!
I’m stoked!!
Do you juice? Do you use a local juicer who delivers? If so, who?
Swipe to see my 3 day cleanse!! I get 5 juices a day with a bonus cashew milk to drink after my light workout or to drink if I need a little boost!
Sweet and simple! I like it!! 🌱 See the post …



Don't be afraid to take risks!! Like taking your first pole dancing class or drinking a beet + carrot based juice in a white sweater! You just might have some fun and get healthy! 😄Day 1 of 3 on my semi-annual juice cleanse! 🖤 See the post …



2020’s got me feeling blah, but I’m not waiting another month for a reset. Let’s do this See the post …

Susan Foege


Happy Sunday! Starting day 3 of 5 and feeling great! The hubby is subbing monster for his morning juice, just kidding! See the post …



Best cleanse I've done this is my second time. Totally customizable you pick the number of days and type of juices. Same day/next day delivery ! @squeezedonline stay tuned for more things im into 😉 See the post …



Happy Friday friends. I can’t believe today is day 5 of my @squeezedonline 6 day cleanse. It’s the detox I didn’t realize I needed, and the perfect way to close out the year that has been 2020! See the post …



2nd day today and feeling good .. See the post …



Juice cleanse Day 1 — ready to slay the day.
cheetah pants
Miser brothers
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Day 2 of this juice cleanse. Trying to reboot my system! See the post …



Ready to start my juice cleanse tomorrow—let’s go! See the post …



@squeezedonline oh no another cleanse for mommy.. no food dropping on the floor for me 😕 See the post …



Am I doing a juice cleanse in the days leading up to one of the biggest eating days of the year?Y
es, yes I am. 😂 See the post …



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My food for the next 3 days. First juice cleanse. Thank you @squeezedonline See the post …



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Step #ONE of #squeezedonline LMFAO. Drink one @mintchaico tasted like lemon and dirt LMFAO, where you at ❤️👻 . See the post …



First juice of a three day cleanse. It was delicious! 6 bottles a day for the days here we go...plus lots of water. I was already drinking close to 60/70 oz a day. See the post …



DAY 3!!! I made it 💚💚💚 @squeezedonline by far has been one of my most FAVE juice cleanses—I’ve tried many others, but their juice is so fresh, delicious and enjoyable 🥰 the hubs also drank with me for dinner, so it definitely helps when you have a cheerleader with you 👊🏼 #juicingforhealth #squeezedonline #juicecleanse #health #success 💚 can’t wait to do another round soon!!! See the post …



Day 1 of a 3 day @squeezedonline juice cleanse! Hoping to feel less bloated, more energy and mental clarity, and sleep better. Hopefully this helps kick start some healthier life choices! See the post …