My life for the next 5 days...pray for me! lol See the post …



Healthy Smoking LOL 5day spicy cleanse See the post …



I am doing a 24 hour juice cleanse through @squeezedonline thanks to one of my friends. My first one of the day was so incredibly amazing! This one was made with orange, pineapple, carrot, apple, beet, ginger and lemon.
Has anyone tried doing a juice cleanse? What was your experience? See the post …



Finished my 3 day juice cleanse! Loved it! See the post …



What a week!! 💚
- Worked every day 11+ hrs 👩‍💻- Completed my 5 day @squeezedonline Super #JuiceCleanse 💪I LOVE how I feel after juicing and the benefits of it (lost 8lbs, I'm less bloated , my skin feels softer) recommended it 100% won't lie it takes alot of will power/discipline to do it!! 5 days was 👌 for me!! Next time I'm doing the 7days 😉
And with today's news, I needed to end my week strong!!~ my way of dealing with emotions = WORKOUT ~Decided to ride my @onepeloton bike with my girl @allymisslove (I'm a big fan of her 🙌 Sunday's with love rides) ride her 45min "MAGNIFICENCE" class from Dec 2019 it was exactly what I needed!!
"Stop talking about how SHORT life is, and start LIVING it" See the post …



What a life changer!!! We finished our 3 day juice detox and can’t wait for the 5 day. The energy and restful nights are incredible!! See the post …



Finishing up the last day of my 4-day cleanse while teaching the properties of matter online!!! I feel great!!! See the post …



3 days ago, I started a juice journey with my oldest friends... worried I’d end night one face-first in a calzone and chunky monkey ice cream. But not the case! ☝🏼 We instead laughed and cried together in a group chat, posted our victories and struggle bus sips in a shared album, and came out stronger together. Couldn’t have done it without y’all! 🧃💚As for @squeezedonline... you’re a wild child. Like that lost love who keeps coming back for more. Take a bow, baby! Also, I humbly request a monthly gallon of Spicy 2 🍍🧘🏻‍♂️🌶 See the post …



It has FINALLY arrived my 5 day Super Squeezed Cleanse I start 😱 tomorrow all thanks to @squeezedonline gotta LOVE my greens (why do 3 days when you can do 5) for reals my body has been asking for it.. for a while now... it was about time 💪 I'll be "MARLYN" the next 5 days lol.
Let's do this 👊 #GreenJuice #SqueezedOnline #NewWeek 👍 #DontTalkToMe #GottaLoveIt 🥬
@cal_fisher310 I love you 😘 don't forget that this coming week 😜 #MyBetterHalf 💚 See the post …



Kicking off the week with my FIRST. EVER.JUICE.CLEANSE!
If you’ve been ever been interested, follow my journey! I’ll give you the good, bad, & ugly!!
It’s only for 5 days, I got this 💪 See the post …



Just got off a Juice cleanse... pleased with the results but it wasn’t easy at all.. Needed to get back in track since every time I try to do any physical activity I injure myself..🤦🏽‍♀️ See the post …

Jerushia Leger Lewin


We’ve been on vacation (not Maui!) we are still going next June so here we go again! Not punishment for enjoying my vacation, more of a hard reset to get back track! Thanks for the help!! See the post …

Robyn Dye


Little man loves his Cashew Milk as much as mom and dad! See the post …



3 days ✅ See the post …

Titi Paula


Wish me luck !! See the post …



A long holiday weekend calls for a reset...4 day juice cleanse begins now!!
ℹ Resetting your gut can be an incredibly beneficial experience. Juicing reduces the amount of input and stress on the gut, giving your gut time to heal and recharge taking in essential vitamins and minerals.
Benefits include many factors:
🧃deep tissue clense
🧃helps to curb cravings and portion control
🧃calorie reduction
🧃plants and fruits have many amimo acids to build the protien the body needs See the post …



He’s eyein’ my juice for sure See the post …

Shanice Jackson


Squeezing & Teaching tomorrow. Pray for my students 🤣😂 See the post …



Dat juice cleanse 2020 doe... much needed. Wish me luck! #squeezed #cuzwhynot #wtf #2020 be like 😷 See the post …



I did much better than last time 🙂Added this coffee and finished it but it was weird since I haven't been able to drink a full cup of joe since February 🤔 See the post …



Trying my first juice cleanse after hearing so much about Squeezed from all of their ads on Country 102.5. Let’s see how this goes! See the post …



It's a new day, fresh start, fresh energy, new opportunities!!Get your mind right, be thankful, be positive and start your day right!!" ~ Unknown🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 See the post …



Beet Juice For Breakfast See the post …



4 day juice cleanse! See the post …



Day1 of a three day cleansing. wish me luck! 🤲 See the post …

Debbye Brown


Started Day 2 enjoying my Squeezed Juice 1 while walking my streak mile! Great way to start the day!I’ve gotten in at least a mile a day for 613 days in a row! (Since January 1, 2019) See the post …



Update! Successful.....Knocked the 4 days out like a champFeeling great 👍Lost 8.8 pounds in the process See the post …



Starting this 3 day juice cleanse to wash out all the quarantine tequila 😂 Jk. Made a commitment with @godiegorn. Trying to stay supportive 👍🏻@squeezedonline See the post …

Tina Bass


What’s for dinner ?? See the post …

Dante Patterson?


About to get squeezed 💪🏾💪🏾 See the post …

Missy McMath


Starting off September Squeezed! See the post …

Andrea Pushea Neff


Started my second Squeezed cleanse today. I'm a middle school ELA/ELD teacher and I'm super stressed out with distance learning. It is the hardest job I've done in my 16 years of teaching (no joke). I thought at least I can make a healthy refresh that I know will help my mental state too. I love Squeezed Juices! See the post …



Day 2 of a 6 day juice cleanse. Feeling the hunger lolz See the post …



I’m so excited to try this juice cleanse with @debokeefe 🥬🍎🍍 The packaging is amazing and the delivery was efficient from See the post …



Round 2
4 days See the post …

Marcela Sabatino


Number 2 with ghost pepper was a little intense... who is with me!!?? See the post …

John Bruning


Well just got my 7 day supply. First time doing this. GO BIG OR GO HOME. Starting tomorrow See the post …

Mary Ann Garcia Herod


Day (1) of Squeezed !!
Great way to start the day
Breakfast of champions, shining bright See the post …

Lori Bonner Joint


This is my first juice cleanse with Squeezed! This is my first cleanse PERIOD! I just finished my first (of three)day and am delighted to have enjoyed the taste of all 5 bottles! (Haven’t tried the cashew milk yet. I’ll see how I feel in a few hours!) If the next two days are like today, sign me up for the 7!! I’m gonna need a bigger recycling bag! See the post …

Diane Tran


@squeezedonline feeling great! #notemptation #nocraving #nofailure See the post …

Lin LIn


Day 1 starts today  Very excited to start! Wish me luck  See the post …

Brandon Bowman


Me and the wifey Sarah Bowman are starting out 7 day today wish us luck she’s freaking out lol See the post …

Yvette Eberhardt


Feeling so awesome after a 4 day super squeezed cleanse - excited to do another 7 days!! See the post …

Heather Cron


Starting day 2 of 4! Feeling good. Yesterday was a tiny struggle at dinner time but I added ice to my #5 for some crunch factor! I’ve been wanting/needing to do this for a few years. So glad I finally made the jump! See the post …

Shelley Brown


Starting my second 7 day cleanse tomorrow and - I've gotta be honest - I'm super nervous this time around. The last one I did had so much more variety and a completely different set of juices for day 4 and this one is the same for all 7 days. Fingers crossed I can stay on track! Wish me luck!
PS, I miss the charcoal juice and the coffee cashew milk!  See the post …

Carlisa Thompson


Day 3!!! #Squeezed See the post …

Manuel Possum


Wanted to try a 4 day cleanse. Had an issues with meal 2. I emailed them text me back within 5 min. They just delivered what was missing. Free of charge. Very next day the is the best costumer service I ever had. This is how you treat customers. Since they did amazing. I’m ordering 5 7 day cleanse for 4 of my friends and another for me. This stuff works and finally feel amazing after the 3rd day. See the post …

Victoria Chhim


3 Day Cleanse!
This Will Be My 3rd Cleanse I Have Completed. I Haven’t Done One In Awhile, But Here It Goes! Late Post, But Currently On Day 2. Stay Focused! Good Luck! See the post …

Lauren Dever


Another one down. Thanks for keeping my quarantine 15 in check. See the post …

Beth Cousins Knightly


The cleanse was easy when doing with friends and family See the post …