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This taste pretty amazing... how can I not miss out on any coupon deals anymore, ever?! See the post …


I completed my 4 days of the super squeezed detox on 12/11/13. Knee joint pain is gone. I have been able to get up early in the morning and dance around the house again and lift weights. (I'm 3 months away from my 65th birthday). I have been asked if I'm doing anything special because of the weight loss. I'm placing a 3 day detox to arrive Tuesday am (12/17/13). Because of the health benefits I have been spreading the word. Thank you to David and the team. GO!!!!!!!!!


I just finished the 3-day detox, which was my first detox ever. Overall, I loved it and plan on doing it again after the holiday season. For several months before I began the detox, I was basically eating nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables (definitely nothing processed, fried, etc.) and had cut out all liquids except water, green tea, and 100% pure cranberry juice. I feel that my diet made going on the detox extremely easy, though I did miss drinking the green tea, especially during such cold weather. The first day was very easy. All of the juices were absolutely delicious. I had cravings for some salty food at the very end of the first night, but I know it was 100% mental since I couldn�t eat anything, especially since I hadn�t had that kind of food in my diet for quite a while. For me, the juices were very filling. I was so full from drinking the juices all day that I couldn�t drink the E juice (last juice of the day). This happened all three days, so I was able to �squeeze� the 3-day detox into 4. The second day was a little difficult for me, only because the juices were mostly greens-based, and this was the first time for me to drink any juice of this kind. By the end of the day, I was drinking them like a champ and could appreciate the flavor. Out of all three days, the only juice I absolutely didn�t care for was Super Squeezed 10 (cucumber, broccoli, spinach, apple), as to me, it tasted like pure broccoli in liquid form. By mid-day on day 2, I noticed how amazing I felt. I was full of energy and felt �clean� inside, and this feeling last through the fourth day. I�m writing this the morning of day 5, which will be my first day to eat. I still feel great, but I�m also looking forward to eating something today. Over the 4 days, I lost 7 pounds, which was a great perk, but wasn�t the motivator to do the detox. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a juice detox, and I can�t wait for my next one!


Today was my first day 12/8/13. I'm really enjoying the juice and water.

Ava Johnson


Super EXCITEDDDD! My 3 day detox will be here TOMORROW! Did i mention this is my first time detoxing. :-) See the post …



hubby is not so happy with me for convincing him to join a juice cleanse so he refused to take a picture. Day 1 is almost over! #backtoreality #yuck #squeezedonline #juicing #tushypic See the post …

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yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy i tried the two day squeezed detox and it was the bomb.com!!! every bottle was filled with flavor and soooo good!! everytime i saw the majority of ingredients labeled as vegetables i was deathly afraid! then i taste it and its sweet!! so yummny. my brain feels great , i feel great/energized, clean, light and fluffy, and slim.. but MOST IMPORTANTLY, i dont have cravings for coffee or snacks YET. I LOVE IT. I WANT TO EAT CLEANNNNN :) See the post …

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3 day detox. So far so good. Great juices See the post …

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Just finished up my 3 day detox and LOVED it! I was so worried I wouldn't like all the juices and was thankful to find each one delicious! I'm a juicing convert! See the post …



Let's do this, #squeezedonline Its juice cleanse weekend so... I'm sorry for my attitude for the next 3 days. See the post …



#Detox like a champ! 👍Thanks to @squeezedonline! #Juicing #Healthy #Squeezedonline #Day1 See the post …



Day 3 ...it isn't easy. .esp when there is fajitas catered in at work down the hall.. #detox #challenges # tough #determined #squeezedonline See the post …



And the nifty cooler the bottles of juice were delivered in by 6 am -awesomeness :)) #juicing #organic #cool #squeezedonline.com #lovechallenge #health #newday See the post …

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Thanks Squeezed !! Awesome juices.. See the post …



I finished my first 3 day detox Tuesday. I really didn't think I would not be able to eat for 3 whole days, BUT I DID! I could have detoxed longer because shockingly it really wasn't that bad. #squeezedonline #downinpounds See the post …

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Now ordering from this site for my juicing needs, saves time and clean up. Try Super Squeezed #17-21!! Yum, great health benefits and they deliver! See the post …



Last day!!! I feel better already!! But this was much easier years ago before my wedding... #pressedjuices #detox #squeezedonline #day3 #iwantcoffee See the post …



Good Morning Y'all!😃 Day 2 is here and I am EXCITED! Bag with my juices and ice pack are packed and ready for my LONG day on campus! (11:30am-10:15pm)! Also this will be the first day I am actually physically moving and interacting with other people and it's been said that Day 2 is the HARDEST, we shall see😏! You will also notice a lot of my juices today are SUPER GREEN! Today is definitely more Veggie intensive than Day One! Alright y'all I have to get ready for schoolio and Crack open my first juice of the day! Later Loviessss!😘😘😘 Breeyoncé Out!✌️ Remember Encouragement, Questions, and Comments are Welcomed 😊☺️ #2daycleanse #juicing #raw #detox #day2 #letsgeaux #water #fruits #veggies #missbreetalor #squeezedonline #water #cleanbreakfast #cleanlunch #cleandinner #liquidmeals #juicecleanse #greenjuice See the post …



Starting #Squeezed 2 Day Detox today!!! Fell off my regimen and time to get back on track!! #operationbyebyebabyweightcontinues #detox #juicing #healthy #fitness #squeezedonline See the post …



So I wake up this morning and I realize today is the day! Whoop! 👍Also today I have a goal of a gallon of water must be consumed with all of the juices! (128 oz=1 gallon which is also 7.5-16.9 oz water bottles) Here we Geaux! Day One Babyyyyyy!🍎🍏🍊🍋🍒🍇🍉🍓🍑🍈🍌🍐🍍 Encouragement, Questions, and Comments are Welcomed 😊☺️ #2daycleanse #juicing #raw #detox #day1 #letsgeaux #water #fruits #veggies #missbreetalor #squeezedonline See the post …



Wohoo, happy delivery from #squeezedonline #juicecleanse #detox #happy #juice See the post …



No husband was harmed during the making of this 3 day juice detox! Feeling good. #squeezedonline See the post …


I just finished the 3 day detox... the first 2 days were kind of hard because I'm so used to eating lunch and dinner at a certain time, and I had headaches because of caffeine withdrawals. But the 3rd day was a breeze! I actually woke up today wanting to drink more juice, and my appetite has drastically changed after only 3 days... Next time I am going to do the 5 day detox. Thanks #squeezedonline!

Kristen Nallie Perez


Just ordered my 4 day detox! = ) See the post …



🌟DAY 6!!🌟 I made and it 👏 and I feel GREAT!! 💁 Last day of juicing and I'm ready to go to CO for my sister's wedding! 👰 See the post …



I'm back on that drank, detox drank that is! @sqeezedonline lets do it! #mybreakfast #pourup #drank #bringingsexyback #squeezedonline See the post …



#squeezed @ my doorstep this morning! 😁👏 Day 1 of 6: Lalo's Utopia 🌈 Juice! TGIF! Thank you @squeezedonline I 💗 the personalized label! Ha ha See the post …


I have one word to describe squeezed online's juices- ADDICTIVE. I do the 3 day detox weekly (I'm on about my 5th week) and I am transformed. My sister-in-law referred me and raved about you. I NEVER thought I would have gotten such amazing results or enjoyed it to this extent. I'm a super busy 45 year old mom who has been struggling with the middle aged hormonal hump. I've tried EVERYTHING under the sun to try and get back to my happy energetic and vibrant "old" self. Nothing has compared to juicing. Who would have thought of such a simple concept and solution? Meeting your nutritional needs through fresh raw fruit and vegetable juices. I am forever changed and very grateful for your products. They are truly the mainstay of my diet. Plus, I've lost 6 pounds!! I will be forever "squeezed" and I refer you to EVERYONE!!


Just got my juice! Excited to help me on my journey!



Got my 4 day detox from @squeezedonline!!! Excited to see how this goes after day 2 and 4. thanks @milkshakemom #squeezed #detox #squeezedonline #crossfit @em_graham @kyleflowers_cfa See the post …



Awesome gluttonous dinner before I start my juice cleanse tomorrow! Courtesy of @squeezedonline #squeezedonline #juicecleanse #skinnyjuice #grumpy #lastsupper See the post …

Alison Scott Cuillier


On day 3 of my 8 day super squeeze detox....I love it! www.squeezedonline.com See the post …


I just finished my 3 day cleanse and am down 6 pounds. I feel great! The juices were very good (all except the last one....beets, carrots, apples!) and I would totally do this again. This was my first ever juice detox and it was a great experience for me!

Alexis Kurtzman Lmt Lmti


I just finished my 1st day with squeeze but my 7th day of juice detox. I have to that your juices are the best juices I ever had. Amazing taste and flavor!!! Unbelievably good!!!! See the post …



Quick 1 day reboot! Love the new options that are available, I am excited to try the new organic & vegetable intense cleanse! #SqueezedOnline #detox #JuiceLove @squeezedonline See the post …



Detox Day 3! Feeling great! @squeezedonline #detox #squeezedonline See the post …



Day 1 of detox. Here we go. #squeezedonline #detox #pressedjuice #healthy #energy #juicing See the post …



Hard to get down for breakfast, doesn't taste bad, but ain't 830am a little hard for this many greens? #squeezedonline #ONEFRBgetsjuiced See the post …



Here goes 3 days...wish me luck :) #squeezedonline See the post …


Just finished the 3 day detox. This is actually my 2nd go around with the 3 day. This time I was fighting a cold my husband gave me. Not only was my cold very mild I was also over it in just a few days. Not the same for my husband who gave it to me. He's still dealing with nose issues and I feel great. I also lost 3-4 lbs. YEAH!!!!


LOVED the juices! Healthy, fresh and convenient. Lost 4 lbs in 3 days which was awesome :) will defiantly be doing the detox again the future!



A little cucumber-y, but I liked the mint...very refreshing!🌿#squeezedonline #ONEFRBgetsjuiced See the post …

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I recently finished my 3 day detox, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I felt great after the first day, had plenty of energy. I lost 6 1/2 lbs, definitely will be ordering again before the holidays. I do have to say the juices that contain kale were a bit hard for me to handle, but i just gulped them down. I'm hoping they can be modified for my taste, fingers crossed. See the post …



Day One, Juice #1 See the post …



time for my 3 Day @squeezedonline juice cleanse! #vacay #hiatus #workout See the post …



I never noticed how much food is posted until now while I noticed myself drooling. Day 2 detox. Love how it says "go shawtty" on the bottles. #onlyme #detox #onemoreday @squeezedonline See the post …

Teresa Russell Jackson


I just finished my 3 day detox and it was AWESOME. 1st - it was sitting on my doorstep before I woke up on Friday morning in the a very cool bag. Each juice was unique & delicious. And now I'm feeling extra squeaky clean and ready to start the week and as an extra added bonus I even lost some llb's. Keep up to good work Squeezed.. Loved it! See the post …



These two flavors right here!!!! 💣💣💣💣💣 #squeezedonline #juicedetox #healthyhabits #getin2it See the post …

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Ordered my first ever detox! Excited!!! :D See the post …



Starting my 1st juice cleanse today! Thanks @squeezedonline!! #juicecleanse #3days #juicecleanseday1 #detox #squeezedonline #sweatingforthewedding 🍊🍎🍉🍇💪👰 See the post …