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Super Squeezed 4

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star star star star star No more for me
by Annette on 02/28/2020

This is horrendous. My favorite drinks were Super Squeezed #4, 9 and 12.

Now they don't carry #9 and #12 AND #4 is now not palatable.

They turned a regular customer into a former customer.

Anyone want to buy 20 juices from me?

star star star star star Only true green non-dandelion juice
by CypressJuicer on 02/20/2020

Since they changed their menu Feb '20, this is the only non spicy non dandelion all green juice available. Fruit sugar and even stevia triggers belly fat for me. Dandelion gives me stomach flu like symptoms - found this out after my first snack drink of the $149 super squeezed cleanse. On the other hand, drinking their previously offered all green juices (w/o fruit) for several days a week melted fat quickly and kept me feeling great and my skin glowing. Continuing to drink 2 green juices per day between my 3 day juice fasts kept joint inflammation at bay, i.e., no need for OTC solutions. I wish they would bring back the old menu or offer non dandelion versions of the green juices. Even Mayo clinic says dandelion allergy/sensitivity is common. This is a nice neutral tasting all green juice. The lemon cuts the bitterness if the kale but isn't noticeable in the flavor. Cucumber & celery are great for cell (glowing skin) hydration. None of the ingredients over power the other.

star star star star star
by Anonymous on 02/17/2020